Anonymous asked: Kae gave Chris strict orders to not talk, look, or even think about Rih.


Slow blink

Holup.. Kae gives orders now? Wow! Since when? We live on planet earth not a fairytale land. My bitch ain’t never say shit and can never say shit. She takes orders not give. Looool funny anon tho 😂😭😩

Damn my fave killing bitches w/o even trying 😩😈😍😍💦👅🙌🔥

Damn my fave killing bitches w/o even trying 😩😈😍😍💦👅🙌🔥

Omg hi guys

Lol I’m not even gonna sit here and lie to you guys 😭😭 like I’m not gonna get anybody’s hopes up and say I’m going to update and not do it.. LOL my ask is already a mess with the massages I get. I know y’all hate me OMGGG😩 I don’t blame you at all. But I was getting so bored with the story and I didn’t like it and I thought people didn’t like it that’s why I stopped. But dang.. Some of y’all really do like it surprisingly. Now am I done? Haaa honestly no I got so much ideas. Will I update. I hope so ima surprise you. Don’t be mad at me


Rihanna and Eminem


Some fans that are a part of Rihanna Navy made a song about what its like to stan for Robyn Rihanna Fenty.




Anonymous asked: Ommmggg you're still alive :o

Hahahaha omg yess I am lol >.

14yearsakid asked: welcome...... hm

Hahahahaha your not cool 😒lol watch me I’ll be on everyday and will update

14yearsakid asked: -,- nigga you been gone how long? and you come back talking about some Hi? aha no -,-

Sorry sis:( can I at least get a welcome? Or nah? lol I totally forgot tbh I think I’m back now:)

14yearsakid asked: what? -,-

Hi? 🙊🙈


lmaooo can I just say it’s been a good minute? A year maybe? Surprised  at how I still remember my password. How yall been?:)

Damn its been awhile. Surprised that I still remember my password.. But how is everyone doing? I hope you all have a blessed Friday :) Enjoy and pray for Chris #teambreezy lol everyone actually

"God never give you more than you can bare"
— (via nosinz)